A Message to Employers

From Military Leadership to Retail Leadership

The above headline states an opportunity for retail companies that we strongly believe in.

I have spent thirty years in executive search, and have been quite successful in my ability to assess and evaluate human capital talent and their potential for “getting the job done” and developing into leaders. Today’s military veterans represent a rare opportunity to recruit to your organization individuals with passion, drive, commitment and leadership skills that are rarely found.

Over the last few months the team at Kerson Partners Veterans Initiative have researching, studying and meeting with military veterans and are extremely impressed with what we discovered. Veterans desire to build second careers is palpable to anyone they meet. With the right “fit”, which we can help you determine, and with some good industry training and mentoring with which we will also help you, all our veterans need is the chance. I have no doubt in their ability to make a difference. They have led brilliantly before and will lead again, given the opportunity.

We at Kerson Partners Veterans Initiative are committed to assisting your company and these veterans succeed. Our Kerson Partners Veterans Initiative team is a vastly experienced and well-regarded group of professionals who have all been practicing search for many years. We will identify, recruit and place the right individual for your particular need. We will help support and mentor them and their families through the transition. We will communicate often with you, and do everything we can to ensure their success.

Employers hiring veterans now is not only doing the right thing for their companies but for the veterans and our country as well. It’s a “win-win” for all sides.

Thank you,

Bob Kerson